Oct 28, 2016


As the Mongrifier loomed behind Lisa, Jester knew something was wrong. A strange keening sound issued from the Mongrifier's throat and a rush of adrenaline jolted Jester's heart as he knew it was time for round two. He was going to skin this son of a bitch right this time. He flicked his arm and the knife fell into his waiting palm.

“Lisa,” he said as he ran towards her, “duck!”

He jumped over Lisa, the knife in his outstretched hand and the Mongrifier lunged for him in full stride. The two crashed into each other and rolled to the ground in a heap of flashing blades and claws.

Lisa also knew something was wrong and she started looking through her satchel for the book she needed, but it was nowhere to be found. If any one of those killed the other, her work to find her primary bag of books would be in vain. If only that fucking pervert had not scratched her leg in that bus.

The sounds of fighting increased in volume behind her as the two cut and slashed each other up like psycho monkeys. This would not last very long till one of them was deader than a brick. She had to stop this, and she had to stop this now. But where was her book?

Fuck this, she said to herself and took out two small paperbacks from her bag. If not a hardcover, then the paperbacks will have to do. She held the paperbacks together and flipped their pages into each other creating a single massive book in her hands.

“Hey, puppy! Smell this!” She slammed the jammed together books on the ground raising dust and attracting the attention of the Mongrifier. The smell of old books that rose from the pages was like cocaine to the senses of the beast. At once disinterested in Jester, he swatted aside the man, and made his way for the books. He sat down near the books and opened the front page with a sharp claw. Behind him, Jester picked himself up from the ground and dusted his clothes and saw the Mongrifier eating the pages from the books like he was feasting on some exotic delicacy.

Lisa stood behind the Mongrifier, frozen in fear and she looked at Jester and mouthed, “the big book” at him. Jester knew where he had thrown the book before the Mongrifier appeared. He slowly stepped back and found the book lying behind some bushes.

“Bash him on the head!” Lisa mouthed at him.

“Gladly,” thought Jester and slammed the book as hard as he could on the Mongrifier's head. Mongrifier looked at Jester once, then his eyes rolled back in his skull and he fell to the ground, with a book's page still stuck in his teeth.

“Did I kill him?” Jester asked, unable to mask the hope in his voice.

“Thankfully, no, you sick man,” Lisa said. “He is only stunned, but he will wake up soon. We need a way to restraint him or we're done for.”

This is chapter 16 according to my count. I have written down three more chapters and the story is going along at a good clip. 

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