Oct 29, 2016

Book Bound

The Mongrifier woke up and he knew instantly that something was wrong with him. 

He could not move. Not a blink. Not a muscle. Everything was locked down. Numb. 

With immense effort that would have broken mountains, he raised an eyelid. All he saw was pages. Pages torn from books all over him. Whoever had done this had also used book glue to paste the pages on his hide. From his nose to tail to his paws to his claws, everything was covered in words.

He could not move, it was so fucking relaxing. Like dipping into a pool of hot water after a cold day, or digging into a feel-good book that is just so good. So good.

Mongrifer's thoughts swam away from him in a pool of blue on some beach as palm trees swung in the slow breeze overhead and the sun set in the bosom of the sea, painting everything in pink, blue, and orange colors.

He was trapped in a period romance novel. Of all kinds of fiction that could have been, they had to entrap him in a romance novel!

It was a hazy existence at best and he slowly and groggily started to chew his way to consciousness out of the book. The plot was stale and formulaic, and some of the characters tasted of cardboard.

But there was the voice of the black card whispering at the back of his mind that he needed to get the people who were trying to separate the black card from its owner. He needed to kill them and rip their limbs from their bodies in the most painful way.

In his sleep, the Mongrifier chewed and chewed till his gums bled. He groaned and moaned as but he still ate through the story. The plot of the book turned into itself, characters lived, died and fornicated with each other and just when it was all about to end, there was a cliffhanger.

With a growing horror, he realized that he was eating through a trilogy.

This was going to take some time.

All this ends on 31st October. Stay with me on this.

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