Aug 16, 2016

The Night of Knives

The world was new to the Mongrifier. but even he knew a threat when he saw one. The grey man had a knife to the throat of the man who was messing about in his library. The man who was his prey. No way was he letting the grey man make the kill instead of him.

The grey man looked at the Mongrifier with something like a smile on his face. Most people didn't smile when they looked at the Mongrifier. The man turned and faced the Mongrifier.

"This puppy?" his voice has a deep baritone to it that made the Mongrifier want to roll down on his back and go to sleep, but he shook his head. Not now. The strange man was after his prey. That was not happening on his watch.

"I come from so far away, looking for the black card, and all you offer me as a counter is this puppy?"

His smile turned to laughter and he doubled over as a surprised Mongrifier and a fazed Mr. Kosmos looked on. Mr. Kosmos chose that moment to slide out of the bed and down onto the floor, trying to get away from the commotion that was about to happen.

Jester's hand shot like a cobra and grabbed hold of Mr. Kosmos' night shirt.

"Not so soon. You're not going anywhere. You still haven't answered my question." The knife in his other hand hovered dangerously close to Mr. Kosmos' eyeball. Something moved in corner of Jester's vision and before he could react, the wolf-like creature slammed into him with the force of a mini truck. Mr. Kosmos chose that moment to scuttle away and out of the motel room as the two figures tangled in a mess of snarls, fangs, and flashes of a sharp knife. He had to get mother from the other room and get the hell out of here. He had done what the black card wanted him to do and this would probably be the end of his troubles. He hoped. The card was still in the pocket of his pajamas and he touched it to feel a surge of positivity rush into his veins. He was going to make it through.

He knocked on the door of the motel room where his mother was staying. The unlocked door swung open at his touch. His mother was nowhere to be seen. Her luggage was gone. He ran to the parking lot and saw that the truck he had stolen was gone too. The rush of positivity in him hissed out like air from a punctured balloon.

The sounds of crashing and howling from his room were now getting louder. Something thumped hard into one of the walls and in a flash he saw the wolf-thing's head exit from a window as if punched through. The creature shook its head, snarled, and dove back into the room.

Mr. Kosmos turned the other way and ran into the night.

Inside the room, the Mongrifier was not having a good time of dealing with this critter of a human being. The grey man was good with the knife and so far he had managed to stick the Mongrifier multiple time, but the Mongrifier had also slashed the man plenty and it was going to take just one more hit to take the man's head off his shoulders and then Mongrifier could go back to his library and his books.

The man faked lunging with the knife once more and the Mongrifier took a defensive stance against the gleaming blade. They circled each other around the broken furniture in the room when a knock on the door distracted the man. His eyes flicked to the door for a moment and the Mongrifier was on him, grabbing the man's knife hand in his jaw and shaking the knife loose. He put one large paw on the man's chest and started to press, waiting for his ribs to crack and pierce his heard.

The door opened and the library girl stood there looking at the havoc inside the room. She spoke and her voice was inside the Mongrifier's head.

"Don't kill that man. We're going to need him if you want to go back to the library."

I've been thinking all week where to take this and now I think I have a fair idea. Are you having fun reading? Throw me some feedback in the comments. It helps. A yes or no will do, too.

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