Aug 26, 2016

Reasons Are For Peasants

Jester picked up one of the knives from the bag. It seemed sharp and dangerous enough to do the things he had in mind. He slipped the knife in the sleeve of his shirt, the metal felt cool against his skin and he felt assured that the next time the dog thing looked at him sideways, he was going to slice the jugular out of the beast. And then he'd skin the girl and wear her face for his next mission. Wherever it took him. So, yes. The knife was going to play a crucial role in his plans.

Mongrifier was not comfortable in this timeline. First, there was the grey man. His energies were off the charts, and he stank like a carcass of a man who'd never read a book in his life. Filthy offal that the Mongrifier would never sink his teeth in. The girl on the other hand was alright. She was a reader. And she smelled of old books, so delicious and serene that the thought alone made the Mongrifier's mouth fill up with saliva. He needed her help to get back to his timeline. So he'd eat her when the time was right and he was going to take his time in ripping chunks of bookish flesh from her bones, and then he'd chomp down on the bones till his gums bled.

Lisa somehow felt she belonged for the first time in her life. She had always been the outsider, but with the wolf-beast things and the nice man with the dazzling smile, she felt she was among her people. Now all that remained was to track down the fat pervert, and get her bag of books back. He'd run away, as Mr. Jester told her, but they had the wolf-beast with them and tracking him would not be too difficult.

The trio walked out of the motel, led by the Mongrifier. Each with their own motive in their minds. But one goal, for now. To find the man called Mr. Kosmos and get his black card and bag of books.


Mr. Kosmos placed the card on the table. "One beer, please."

The barkeep took one look at the card, something irked his mind and he wanted to protest, but the man wanted a beer. He filled a mug from the tap on the counter and placed it on a paper napkin in front of the man. He kept wanting to ask the man for money, but when he looked at the card on the counter, the thought fled like a rabbit chased by a fox. He smiled uneasily at the fat man who'd swallowed the beer like a man lost in the desert.

"Another one," he said and belched loud. The barkeep filled another mug while confusing thoughts fought for control in his head.

After the third beer, thoughts started to coalesce in Mr. Kosmos' head like a jigsaw puzzle slowly coming together on its own. He knew there were two people and one demon on his trail and he had to find his mother, too. Too much on my plate, he thought and wiped the sweat on his head with his hand. He needed help on this. He'd not be able to pull this alone. He dreaded the option that was staring him in the face. He'd have to make the call. He was going to hate it, he was going to hate what came next, but his options were limited and his time, he felt, was running out.

"Can I have your phone, please?" he asked the barkeep.

"Sure, man." The barkeep took out his phone from his pocket and put it in front of Mr. Kosmos.

"Thanks, buddy. What's the pin?" Mr. Kosmos said as he picked the phone and hit lock button. The barkeep rattled off a number and Mr. Kosmos unlocked the phone.

He thought for a second and then dialed the number from memory. The phone rang thrice and he was about to put down the phone when the ringing stopped and a gruff, tired voice said "Hello" at the other end. The tone of voice made his legs turn to jelly and he was glad he was sitting on the stool.

"Hi, dad. It's me. I need your help."


Chapter 12, so it goes. When things fuck up, call dad. 

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