Apr 18, 2016

Report on Jungle's Free Downloads

Books are not easy. Not easy to write, not easy to read, and definitely not easy to promote. With Jungle, instead of putting it out for free for five days, I made it free for just two. 

My thinking behind this was that just two days of downloads will made more people download that book because with five days, people might get lazy and things kind of begin to slide out of their focus whenever you promote your work repeatedly on social platforms.

For Jungle, I didn't have twitter to push the links to people. Sure, I had Instagram, Snapchat and Tumblr, but my maximum followers are on Twitter, so it kinda felt like fighting with a hand and leg tied behind my back. I really thought I'd be able to get traction with Insta and Snap, but I was wrong. Sure, these platforms are good for long term concepts, but for flash sales or two day download window, nothing hits harder than Twitter, I guess. 

In the two days, first day, Jungle racked up 25 downloads, second day 24 downloads, and 2 downloads in the remnant of the day. So, a total of 53 people have read the book. My math is right, shut up. 

I won't say I am disappointed, but I am not very happy with the numbers. I guess it's not enough how much heart you put in your work, you have to sell the sizzle before you sell the sausage. It was a learning experience anyway. 

I hope all of those who downloaded the book enjoyed it. The next one is something different, it's called The Story of You. And it'll be out before this month is over. 

More soon. As always, any feedback or thoughts are welcome in comments. 

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  1. ah, damnit. i've been really lax with following stuff online, or i would have seen your announcement and downloaded it!!! any other way i can get it now?