Apr 12, 2016

Check Out My Kindle Book -- Jungle

Link --> Jungle by Pallav

So, this above is the link to the ebook I've been working on for past some months. Yeah, it takes that long to write something that's only 13000 words. 

Here's my elevator pitch that might make you want to buy this book. 

- If you're bored of complex books with tons of characters and lessons of morality, this book is for you. 
- If you're bored of books that never seem to finish, this book is for you. 
- If you like your fiction sharp and your characters wicked, this book is for you. If you like action movies, this book is for you. 
If you like pop culture references, this book is for you. 
- If you're an overall cool dude/dudette with an open mind, I want to put this book in your brainpan. You owe it to yourself to read it.
- If you like characters breaking the fourth wall in a book, go ahead and download.

Some things this book has
- horrible death(s)
- advanced swearing
- excessive violence
- bad guys
- one exploding helicopter
- whores
- guns
- one weapon of mass destruction
- a story that is pure action
- evil
- nice descriptions of jungle
- pictures of your kidnapped family 
- so buy this fucking book already

This is a book with no lessons in it (maybe), but I can promise you this, it is a fun book. If you manage to read till the end, you'd want to go back and read it again. At least some parts.

Here's the deal, the ebook is going to be free on 13th and 14th April. That's Wednesday and Thursday. Mark your calendars. Two full days, 48 complete hours. After that it'll go back to being at 0.99 cents or 66 INR or whatever currency works in your part of the world where Amazon sells this one. You can download it now and read it as and when you like. 

How and Where You Can Read This Book
1) If you've got a kindle, then you know the whole deal, you download the book and it appears by magic on your kindle and you're good to go. 

2) If you don't have a kindle, you probably have a smartphone or a tablet. You can download the kindle app for your smartphone/tablet, buy the book from the link above and if you're signed into your kindle app with the same Amazon account from which you bought the book, magic! Book is on your device. Download kindle app for android from here and for iOS from here

3) You do not have a smartphone that can run the kindle app? Fear not, you have a browser! (I know you do cuz you're reading this blog). Go to www.read.amazon.com and login with the same Amazon account as the one you bought the book with. And you'll see the book there. 

Now, I understand there are some countries where Amazon doesn't sell Kindle books or maybe you missed the promotion period or maybe you don't have a credit/debit card right now. 

That's fine. Drop me a line on Instagram (www.instagram.com/pa11av) or Snapchat or send me a message on my tumblr. All else failing, leave a comment here and we'll figure out what to do about that. 

Here's the link to the book again, http://www.amazon.in/dp/B01E31KZSI and I hope you click it, read it, enjoy it and leave me a review. 

You can also check the book out on Goodreads here. And if you do none of the above, please add the book to your Want To Read pile on Goodreads. 

Any reviews, any shoutouts, any feedback (positive only) will be highly appreciated. 

That's about it, that's all I had to say. For now. 

Happy reading :)

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