Nov 25, 2012

The Suffering Scrolls

NOTE:: Rough text. No Format, No Edits. DO NOT WRITE LIKE THIS. This is just a taste.


The scrolls were in the dark cave under the sea. The fires that lit them were still burning after all these years. It had been a long time since there had been a movement out there in the world but now the forces were moving and time was neigh. The darkness in the cave was receding. A new dawn was coming for them and they were ready to welcome it the way the could. By destruction and madness. The scrolls sent out their thoughts into the ether. Ready to be picked up by those who were known to such things. There was a nascent power in the air and the scrolls were going to make the most of it. They had been suffering from a long time and their time had come to make their suffering known to the rest of the world and the powers that be. The scrolls were united in their pain. There was no two ways about it. They were ready to wreak havoc on the world outside and there was going to be no escape from it for the world at large.

The words on the scrolls arranged themselves in the form of the characters that would help them in getting out of the cave and making for the surface where they would start their reign of destruction and havoc on the planet. The scrolls had been in the making for years. The writers of the scrolls were all dead and the fucking things were updated by the scribes who had used their own blood and the skin of the previous scribes to update the scrolls and keep them intact in the world. The weather and the dissidents of their dark deeds had tried to oppose them and destroy the scrolls, but every time, through the ages, through the wars and the famine, and the hunger and the corruption, the scrolls had managed to survive. They had seen everything from plagues to the nuclear explosions, but the scrolls had prevailed and the keepers of the scrolls had laid their lives on line for preservation of the dark knowledge hidden within. Their only consolation that one day the words will rise and take the revenge for which they were made. 

The time was here.

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