Nov 9, 2012

The Book Man

NOTE:: This is just rough text, part of the bigger work I am writing right now. The final form of this might not look like this at all. Just doing this for motivating myself. Don't enjoy reading this. :)


The man with books was stopped at the airport. He had a bag full of books of all kinds. Hardcover, paperback, books without covers and books with their last pages torn out. He had seen some evil people in his time whose idea of entertainment was to go in local libraries and tear off the last page from every book in the catalog. He hated such people and when he saw the books that were handled carelessly and without love, he felt like crying. He loved reading books that made him want to cry. But he dared not waste his tears. Those things were important. So when the airport authorities stopped the man he was not unnerved. They looked into his bag of books, carelessly pulling out the books and ruffling through the pages as if the books contained a bomb or something. They did contain bombs, actually. But not the kind of bombs that would damage an airplane. The book man just waited till the authorities went through the bag. 

"Hey, look at this book. It's pretty freaky." One of the officers checking out the bag picked a book called The Ancient Symbols and Their Significance in the Modern World by Mortimer August. It was a book dear to the man's heart and it angered him to see the police officer carelessly thumbing through the pages. Then the police officer did something so vile and sadistic that the man had to intervene. He licked his thumb and started to move it towards the corner of the page he wanted to turn. The man reached forward and held his hand on the corner of the page with the police officer's saliva filmed thumb just inches away from the the back of his hand. The police officer looked at the man. The man looked back the police officer with a smile ready on his lips. "I'd prefer if you didn't do that. It's a holy book for some religions and they treat it with extreme reverence."

A puzzled expression came over the police officer's face. 

"This book like the Bible or something?"

The man smiled, again. Friendliness pouring from every inch of his face. 

"You're absolutely right. All these books are holy and I am using these to spread the word of the holiness in heathen lands."


  1. Pallav, This looks like an amazing story. I would love to read more. It has a wry satirical quality to it, which I like.