Jul 3, 2012

The Waiting

The people at the metro station were waiting for the next coach. 

A boy with his face firmly focused on his cell phone screen was waiting for an app to refresh and display new data. 

A girl with earphones plugged firmly in her head (disconnected from everything around her) was lazily waiting for her favorite song to play on her mp3 player. 

A man from a dead-end office job was waiting for his wife to reach the metro station on the arriving coach.

The clock counted down till the coach reached the station. 

The air pressure in the station changed as the train got closer to the station. 

Brakes screeched. People rushed forward to reach the gates first, even before they had opened.

The people inside the metro coach waited.

The doors didn't open.

The people inside and outside kept staring at each other.

The coach slowly started to move. 

Everyone moved behind the yellow line and started to wait for the next coach.

What is this one about?

Waiting, what else. We spend so much time waiting for things. And some times those things are not worth it.

Like love, for example.


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  2. Good one. And one more thing I'd like to add is the people waiting for their respective boyfriend/girlfriend Trust me metro station is 2nd best waiting spot for couples. Maano ya naa maano.


  3. This is great! Life is but a series of moments spent waiting :)

    Do stop by my blog sometime :)

  4. coz love doesn't happen even after waiting :)

    nice story :)