Sep 3, 2011

Wrap up

A day late. But fuck it. I wrote for 31 days straight. I needed some time out from writing. But here I am again. So hah!

Anyway, about the August Arc, as I called it in my head. And maybe in your head too. While you kept getting the story every day before 0000 hrs, without fail. There was a lot going on my side. Always remember one thing, what goes on behind the scenes is always much more interesting than what you see on the screen. So, what really happened while writing this story was that I wrote some first 8-10 chapters in one go. After that, i had some traveling to do and I fell behind on the writing part, cuz hey, no laptop, no writing! Or no typing it and sending it to the blog at least. I still managed to post through drafts kept in my phone, but that fucked up the formatting and I take the formatting very seriously, that's half the fun of the story. 

So, traveling put me behind schedule. Then the people in office gave me some really tight deadlines and I had to fight them off. Then, there were other things, some dragons, sharks, hordes of female fans camping outside my house. You know, adventurous life of bloggers. Stuff. There were power cuts and races to see whether I'll be able to post before the battery of laptop runs out or before I drown in my own sweat. Dangerous and exciting! It's like the life of James Bond. In reverse.

Anyway, the story is like a living wild animal. It's like riding a tiger. If you don't give it direction, it will go in whatever direction you point it every 24 hours, but if you don't point it in a direction, it will probably eat you. It's painful, really. I'd not suggest anyone to take up writing seriously. You can write 1500 words of what you think is awesome prose and anyone with a basic knowledge of  language can point out a spelling mistake. It's like a nail in the foot. Painful and unnecessary. 

Zed's story is done for now. I'll write about him again. For sure. I don't know when. About the end, well, no story ever really ends. Because if it ends, then what's the fun of reading the story? 

Next, a secret plan. I am working on it with some people. Hopefully, I'll share it here. Fingers crossed. 

On the blog, I'll post semi-regularly. October will be a month of regular short stories. In November, I have to take part in NaNoWriMo. I did that last year, finished it. This year, I'll try to do better. 

Yeah, so that's about it. If there are any questions, hate mail, anything else, find out how to contact me. Email, twitter, the chatbox in sidebar. Connect.

And as always, thanks for reading. I do this for you, dear reader, no one else.

Till next time, then.

Ta. I have to handle this horde of babes.



  1. Reading your blog is inspiration itself, hope you keep on posting us with more of such exciting stories in future, Zed was gr8 but as a human tendency you are always curious of past and future. how he gets the girl and why he takes up so much drinking.
    Wishing for a gr8 ride!

  2. was just blogwalkin
    saw yours
    nice blog
    happy blogging :)

  3. enjoyed this month even if I didn't really fully understand the story... or rather had other stuff in my head all around the back of it as it were...

  4. that was some kickass story with a badass hero :D hope u will reveal more about zed in ur next stories. and man, i really enjoyd the way u wrote the august arc :D couldnt catch up with stories everyday :| best of luck for next stories :)

  5. Thanks for reading everyone. I'll try to make next batch of stories simpler :)

    Much thanks!