May 2, 2011

About April

Hello all, 

Hope you enjoyed the April story. I did. As far as writing something everyday goes, it was a satisfying experience for me. Because, even though one day I hit 'send' at 11.59, I updated all 30 days. Which was my intention. I took the story somewhere, from beginning to the end, at I am sure that at all times there was at least one person reading what I wrote. So, hats off to you. Thank you for reading. It means a lot of me. More than I can explain here. 

Now, some thoughts about 

The Story.
It started as one thing, and it ended as something completely different. I wanted to write a simple story about a farm life where a family reaches a farm and goes through the trials and tribulations of, well living on a farm. The trouble which I faced here is that I've never lived on a farm and I was not able to relate the experience in real time or write about it honestly enough. One thing led to another and after the first three chapters, the story took the reigns and it led me, and you, where we stand today. This happens a lot. I write the first few chapters and then its out of my control. The story dictates itself, I am just the typist. 

The Twists
I tried to include a lot of plot twists and cliffhangers in this one. If it was a book or a story without daily chapters it would have been different type of writing. But here, I have to make sure, from my side at least, that the readers would come back tomorrow to read. Also, I have to keep the story moving forward, keep 'developing' the characters, take care that all the loose ends are close to wrapping at anytime the story demands. So, there is lot of things going on while taking care of twists and interesting points. Some times, a twist's seed has to be sown in some chapter very early on. But its like Chekhov's Gun "If a gun is shown in first act, it must go off in third act" or something. You can google the quote for exact words, I've a blogpost to write, which I am doing right now.

The Characters
I fucked up here. I normally don't include too many characters in a story. Because, I am yet to polish my technique well enough to give time and attention to every character in a story. Its a tough thing. I am fine with 3-4 characters, maybe even five, if i keep killing enough to keep them out of the story. More than five needs proper planning and this rapid storytelling, works so fast that I don't have time to catch up, let alone putting all the characters in their places and make them do things that matter. I am learning though. Yup. Some of the characters in the story didn't get any mentions, except few times. I am thinking of giving them their own stories in this month. I'll see how it goes. 

The plan in May is to write columns on the blog. Talking about this and that. Like a regular blog, I might tell you about my day, or about creativity, or about writing, or about anything I hate. There will some stories interspersed within posts, but it will be more of a kickback and chill kind of month in May. The daily stories take their toll on me. And with the pressure of work and life, it gets tough at times.

So, once again, thank you all for reading. Keep checking this space, there will be more and more here.



  1. It was good. You keep Writin'. I'll keep checkin'. :)

  2. I agree for the character part .. although I love Arz, it took a lot of charm out of the story .. It was supposed to be Alkaris and his family in spotlight !! I felt like the soaps where the hero dies to be born again and again .. Not that i did not enjoy reading this .. but if you could re write with time.. I will love it :)

  3. Arz, he's like that superstar who does a cameo but manages to garner all the attention and leaves the main actors to be content with mentions in the credits.

    Nimisha kavi (malayalam), we call people who can create poems just like that, in an instant. You are something like that, the only difference is that you create stories. :) Kudos man. Keep writing and keep entertaining us. :)