Jul 31, 2010

On The Problem Of Creating

Now that we've discussed the problem of distractions, let's fight the syndrome "I Don't Know What To Write On My Blog" or the Lack Of Creativity.

Most of the blogposts start with some kind of apology, "Sorry I've not posted in a long time, blah and blah and I promise to be regular from now on" but this never happens. Many times people are on a creative low, because creativity is not like a fountain, you can't be creative 24/7/365, no one can. Even the masters take some time out and do uncreative things, like wasting time in watching tv. (I hate tv, that might be the next post)

So, what is creativity like? Well, for me it's like a wave in an ocean and you and me, my dear friend, those of us who "think" ourselves to be creative, are like surfers! We are the writer surfers, you might be a drawling surfer or a composing surfer, but you are a surfer, so am I. All of us are surfers!

Ok, so, you are the surfer, and the creativity is the wave. Right. When the right wave comes, you lie there in anticipation, after the lull in the sea, you know a wave is coming, oh by god, you KNOW it! You can feel it in your creative bones, and you tense up, on your surfboard, ready to tackle the wave, ready to ride it out, whether you fall in the ocean, drown or get eaten by the shark, you HAVE to ride the wave. Oh yeah, that's when magic happens my friend. That's when magic happens. And creating something is magic. It's more magic than what you see on the stage, more magical than the iPods or David Blaine.

Fuck David Blaine, if you've made something out of nothing in your life, YOU are the magician.

And the best part, you can do this magic again and again. Sometimes, it will be good, sometimes it won't, but if you're a magician, a surfer, a creator, that's what you'll do.

So, wtf are you waiting for? Go create. You don't need anyone's permission


  1. Hi...Your post reminded me of the video that you should see :


  2. I usually refrain from commenting in Hindi coz tenses and genders get mixed and shit happens. But these last two posts about dealing with distraction and on the the problem of creating, i really like to say something in Hindi (please refrain from cracking up alright.):
    waah bhai waah. kya likha hai! main relate kar pa ri hoon with these virtual states of mind. virtual coz state of mind is real or not, i haven't figured that out yet.

    ok my fav line from last post was this: "creation is an act of observation and at the same time being disassociated enough to focus on the creation." [by the way, did you notice that your amazing concept both starts and ends with the word the concept is attempting to describe. that's fucking genius as of now coz you understand it (prerequisite is: one needs to be a creative freak of some sort/ some level)!]


  3. oh and i think distraction is a bliss but only when it doesn't last too long else it becomes frustration with the mighty self. LOL