Jul 31, 2010

100 Probable Blog Topic Guidelines.

*edit - I wrote this post on July 31, 2010. Many of these topics might be done, but you can always give your take on them. Enjoy!
Just on a whim, just to prove a point to myself, just to remove at least one of your excuses to write, I wrote 100 probable blog topic guidelines. These are guidelines, not verbatim post titles. If you write a post on any of these titles or related subject matters and you'd like me to send some reader your way, leave a link in the comments are i'll update the post. I agree that some of these ideas might have been explored before, but hey, you can't have everything. Oh, and i wrote these topics in some 40 mins, cuz i got a call in between. Enjoy, or not. Some of these topic might be offensive, you're free to get offended in that case, and I am free to completely ignore your offensedness.

1 Leave your cellphone at home you don't need it
2 Why aliens shouldn't come to india
3 The benefits of being Indian
4 There is no spoon
5 Five reasons why bollywood is a fail
6 Five reasons why hollywood is a fail
7 Stop reading newspapers
8 How to create an atmosphere to write
9 Taking care of fish is a tough job
10 Living without tv
11 Become a better liar
12 Stop talking on the phone, text instead
13 Saving power by avoiding bath in winter
14 My hostel days were the best
15 My hostel days were the worst
16 My Dad is stronger than your dad
17 Food cooked by Mom's hand
18 You can't get taller
19 Good things come in good packages, not small.
20 The world will make you its slave
21 Is life all about doing a job?
22 Leave a mark when you die
23 Death is but another journey
24 Nostalgia about old music
25 Black White movies were awesome, why?
26 There are no pretty female leads in bollywood today
27 Why you should watch a movie every weekend
28 How to break free of the society's clutches
29 Why having a moral code is important
30 Six people I want to kill
31 Tears taste awesome
32 What is blood tasted sweet
33 Why vampires should not sparkle
34 Getting a dog is better than making babies, discuss.
35 Why AIDS is good for human population
36 Ten ways to act like an utter asshole
37 Seven people you never wanna meet
38 Stereotypes In Cities
39 The Universe is a big ball of shit
40 Anger issues and dealing with them creatively
41 How to fund your cocaine habit
42 Ten reasons why fish are awesome pets
43 How to start a black metal band
44 Face paint is the new black
45 Men are stupid
46 Women are stupid
47 Children are stupid
48 Dogs are very stupid
49 Why cats don't give a damn about humans
50 Rap is music? Discuss
51 How to kill Wolverine
52 Comics are the new novels
53 Building a cheaper tomorrow
54 How to be less of a burden on the planet
55 Why cycling to work will not be successful in India
56 Kill your car
57 Apple Products are overrated? Discuss.
58 Gay people are attention hungry.
59 Social activism is dead, they're in it for the limelight
60 Staying silent is best for you
61 How to fire your boss
62 True Zen is NO ZEN
63 There is not path to peace, STFU.
64 People are problem. Why?
65 They just want my money, they don't love me.
66 If Predators had a 9to5 job.
67 Chilling out : Xtreme Sessions
68 Voluntarily Slowing down Internet can Help you Focus
69 YouTube is waste of time
70 Superman In India: Success of Suck?
71 How to live with less attention
72 Some people should be shot dead
73 Some get medals for living, some for dying
74 Fat people are good liars. How?
75 Leg pulling on twitter. Is it justified?
76 Biting Back when you are bitten. Doing it gracefully.
77 A six pack is a sign that you're wasting your life.
78 We're all gonna die, so why bother?
79 Simplification is overrated.
80 Iphone vs Blackberry. Touchscreen or buttons?
81 Would the planet's end be warm or frozen? Imagine.
82 Smoking is not sexy.
83 9 Ways to have sexy sex.
84 10 things men do wrong when dating
85 Why do women expect so much from men and vice versa
86 I killed a unicorn and I liked it.
87 Babies are evil. Explain.
88 How to get over downloader's guilt
89 Eating Meat is wrong because animals are cute.
90 Would you eat a human baby?
91 What if you are attacked by cute but rabid human babies?
92 Why you should have a moral code
93 What mark will you leave on the face of the planet?
94 Live slow, die old. Do you agree?
95 Anger as a motivating force. How?
96 Alternate uses of empty water bottles.
97 Creating an idea dump is necessary
98 What if mermaids were truth.
99 Is the FBI/CIA really watching you?
100 Names are important. How?


  1. 101Damn! Some people can write anything and it becomes enjoyable! :)

  2. 21-tweeted few days back
    34-reminds me of the movie Marley and Me

    and I liked the list.. just awesome..

  3. haha...done that


    there you go

  4. Hot to kill wolverine??? killed a unicorn??? and believe me if mermaids were a reality. You will be the first one to hang out with them :P. and tears taste salty ... and blood.. haven't really paid attention. Next time I will. And Fat people lie and how????? :P rofl!
    Okay! In the above statement, all I did was lie. Now you figure out how in the next 40 minutes.

    That's the weirdest list I have ever read. Awesome list. :P

  5. haha, nice one.

    here is one i have written on, vaguely, titled "CCTV Camera":
    99: Is the FBI/CIA really watching you?

    i like the idea of this post. i mean it's kind of innovative. nice.

  6. oh, i'd never use any of those topics for blog posts.

    i have tweeted about a few though.

    and thought about most of them :D

  7. haha ...... very very Interesting Topics, will surely write on one them :)

  8. wonderful post.i appreciate it!


  9. Very interesting! Could be the "100 ideas in 100 Days" challenge.
    Rock on!

  10. 我從來不認為不同意我的看法就是冒犯................................................

  11. 45 Men are stupid
    46 Women are stupid
    47 Children are stupid
    48 Dogs are very stupid

    hahahahahaha...... too good!

  12. Lol I loved the list. Ill try doing a couple of them. ill let you know once i decide which. i feel like writing on every one of those now!

  13. 河水永遠是相同的,可是每一剎那又都是新的。. . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  14. omg! did you delete your twitter?

    asking this coz i wanted that link you posted there like last week sometime i think which was about 50s/60s style cartoonish images of men and women with funny quotes.. it was bluntcard.com types?

    if you remember that link, can you please post it in comments here, thanks?

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  16. dude! i took the last idea and made something. check it out here

  17. The list of topics is quite variegated and interesting. I was first struck by "Tears Taste Awesome". Many others are also exciting to me, like, 'There are no pretty female leads in Bollywood today'. Would first like to write on the two.
    @69fubar's is such a fertile mind!