Jul 21, 2009

this is not a story.

I'm writing this from my phone, so any and all grammar and punctuation
mistakes should be taken for granted.

So, things have been pretty lazy here at this blog. Part of this comes
from my life changing somewhat in respect of getting a job, and part
of it comes from a desire to make this whole effort of writing stories
something bigger. There are few things in my life that give me as much
joy and satisfaction as writing but day by day it gets tougher to
bring the semi solid ideas into concrete form on the blog or on paper.
I mean when you've been doing something for lil over 4 years there has
to be some kind of stagnation in it. So i try to keep things spiced up
here, but how long can one do that too? People, readers, friends are
demanding. They want slick takes with razor sharp editing, sexy
charactors, thought bombs, violence, dramatic endings and what not.
Can't please them all. And the intention isn't so either. Why i write
is because it gives me pleasure to do so. There is a definitive kick
in wrapping up a story with a kick ass ending.

This rant probably isn't leading up to anywhere. I'm distracted as i
watch words form on this small screen and i think i'll hit send now,
before i say more stupid things.

Next up- a three past story which is going to be crazy as a bucketful
of piranhas.
Stay safe.


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  2. hey tht happens..
    ppl expect frm u.. thts great..
    will be waiting for ur next story.. :)