Jul 23, 2009

A Link and Update on the three story arc.

Found this story on a blog. This is real life. I don't think fiction can match up to this. Hats off to the writer. Go there and leave her a comment, she likes them.

Here is the link:: My Son

Meanwhile, I'm writing about Hellhounds and killer babes in leather and much more weird shit for the three part story arc coming up here.

This, is gonna be interesting :)

Stay tuned!


  1. i saw the link..i'm not a member but i want to tell that girl..beautiful story..very touching and sad*sigh...and its a reality?..i have no words now.. nothing..

  2. And it happened? Oh man. If I get a gun, and would want to test it out on someone, those extremist bastards will be the first ones to bite the dust.