Dec 4, 2006


First off I want to thank all those who read this blog and spend their precious time to leave comments. Your comments mean a lot me and I am Thankful from the depth of my heart and brain.

Zedekiah, Susan, Rockdog, Kartik, Suanshu, Indian Lucifer, OsKar Bebblebox, Anamika Anyone, toffee girl, Confusion Say, Jeff Crowder, and to all those silent readers who never said their names, anonymous comments. A BIG THANKS!

Now for some history

On 4th December 2005 a boy made a blog, for the want of a better name he chose the military acronym FUBAR and a number, the ever popular 69, no need for explanation.
From what was meant to be a personal life blog by a strange twist of fate somewhere during the month of may/june the boy wrote a story here.

Frustration and madness led to the birth of what the blog now known as A Story A Day.

More stories followed and more people commented, which boosted the boy's hunger for writing and he wrote and wrote stories from whichever strange lands his imagination took him to, often sad and lonely places but sometimes funny too.

Then, like all good things come to an end, somewhere in September the blog was deleted. All stories sent back to mindscapes where they came from. I enjoyed deleting the blog for some weird reason.

But because the worms kept troubling me in my head i decided to bring back the blog and here it is A Story A Day version 2.0.

And Today 4th December 2006, one year hence i have enjoyed blogging and Hope I'll continue to do so and write more stories.

Happy Birthday Bloggie.

Keep Rocking!


  1. happy bday bloggie...
    gud wrk...keep it up...

  2. Been my pleasure reading~

    Rock ON!

  3. I like your blog. Better yet I liked your comment on Susan's blog. There is nothing like a bottle of Vodka to make all things right.
    Now that I've found you I will be back


  4. Honestly, Nothingman. The way you started, I thought you were going to quit. So thank god, no.

    Now, I can say it. Happy Birthday, Bloggie. And be careful with the Vodka, N.

  5. hey ur welkm..anytime...u get dem coz u deserve dem...hav fun

  6. Happy Birthday Bloggie ('The P...' and now... The V..F..A..)!
    keep writing. its a treat to read the word pictures that The voice can create...
    best wishes.
    toffee girl

  7. Hey T.G thanks for the comment and taking out the time to write......hope you like the pictures...
    and there are new everyday:) cheers to that!

  8. Well I missed the whole first year, but am glad to have found my way here now. Good stuff. I don't always comment, but then other times you won't be able to shut me up.