Nov 30, 2006

A Picture is worth a thousand words, three thousand words

The Door

The Cat

PIc deleted to protect privacy :)
Three pictures from my trip to a village during a class assignment


  1. hey cover story..........salute your fighter spirit man!you did what you had to and you did it alone.
    keep writing and sending us words from above........
    toffee girl

  2. Wow, someone is a fast learner and a good commenter :) thanks!

  3. Thanks for sharing them with us, Nothingman.
    If one was courageous enough to place poverty aside, there is enough mystery and allure in these pictures to trigger off the imagination to either a painting, story or poem. My fave is the one of the door, that hints of all kinds of possibilities.

  4. hey Susan, i'm glad you liked these pictures well...if you keep poverty aside, the people of the village had access to direct to home television and there were quite a few mobile phones, and the people were aware of modernity too, the house in the third picture had a working TV inside.
    So, i guess appearences can be deceptive!