Oct 30, 2006


I have not totally given up on the blog....

I lost my mind one sad sad evening and did this, i am trying to find my mind, i want to be back writing as soon as possible because thats what i love most....

We'll make a new begining...soon

A Story A Day.


  1. man o man did that must have been some serious shit for you too delete all that beautiful stuff man

  2. Man Somewher b/w your a blog a day stuff was me lost in it

  3. I hope and I say this with utmost sicnerity, that we see more of the Pallav and his crazy chaos banterings on this webpage...you need to come back...

    and get the same passion in here the same you put in your presentation...dint see it, but i believe it was brilliant....

  4. Come back, N.
    Polish up your talent.
    Whatever you write...
    whenever you write...
    it's all ok.
    make a new start.

  5. Blog are great places to test your craft...find otu what works...and what doesn't...in the end it all works out!

    Rock ON!