Feb 6, 2016

Coming back to old habits

There was a time when I loved blogging like nothing else. But then social media happened. Facebook and Twitter came along and blogs took a back seat. I am sure the case is same with many of you, because who the hell wants to write a blog post when you can do away with a 140 character tweet or post a picture and an update on facebook, right?

No. You're not right in this. Tweets and facebook posts are the McDonalds and KFC of the online world. Sure, they feel pretty good when you're digging your claws into them, when you're smearing those yummy sauces all over your virtual self, when you're bathing in the glow of likes, hearts, retweets, shares and comments. But all that shit, empty calories my friend. They leave your ego bloated and sluggish, and soon you're like pavlov's dogs, just dancing to the same old tune.

How do I know that? I was there, man. From night to day, and fuck, it was bad. It took some major life shaking events to put things in perspective and give me another view at how bad things actually were.

Hey, maybe you can control your social media consumption, but i could not. I failed at it spectacularly. I failed at it majestically and in full view of more than 6000 followers (bullshit number). But now that I am away from it, and i don't feel a compulsion to post a tweet every time i take a shit or blow a fuse, it's much more calm, peaceful. I am looking at my life and I can see things that I had ignored before.

There are so many beautiful things and beautiful people all around me and all I was doing was squeezing my thoughts into 140 character blasts that was more like a monkey dancing to a beat than any kind of creative expression.

See, you spend enough time on any social media or anywhere, once you figure out what makes people tick, what gets a response out of them, it's fucking addictive to push their buttons and see them squirm. It's a feeling of power and when your real life is slowly going to shit, you will grab at any minute chance of power you get. I was there, and damn, did it feel good? Ohh, fuck yeah, it felt so good.

To know that you can rile the feminist brigade on twitter by just posting a tweet about driving habits of women and have them tweeting shitty death threats to you all day...beyond wonderful. Say some shit about national anthem and the patriots will crawl out of the wood work like cockroaches and you can fuck with them even then. Wash your dirty linen in an online space and enjoy the attention pouring from all corners of the virtual space. All day, all night, all week.

Fuck, make up a story, man. I've seen people do that. Smart people. Intelligent people. Just for kicks!

And where does all that leave you? Fucking nowhere. You're so out of touch with reality at the end of it, you're so enclosed in your bubble of virtual reality that the shitty problems of others start to overshadow your own problems, cuz who the fuck wants to look at what's wrong with their own house when someone else's house is on fire and it looks so damn beautiful.

Again, I'll say this again, this is all from my personal experience. I was in a strange place, mentally, physically, and spiritually, and I fed on this form of power and attention. If you can use twitter and social media in a responsible manner, by all means, keep at it. More power to you.

But I had to get out, man. I just could not stay.

Yeah, I am there on instagram and tumblr now but who knows for how long.

But I want to write. I've always wanted to write. That's why I took up my first job, and my second job and then joblessness because it'd give me an opportunity to write. I want to get better at this.

And more things will come. I am not going to sit on my ass and just let this time pass me by.

I know I am stronger than my addictions and the only person that I have to prove something to, is me.

I've totally lost the plot to this post by now, so let me know if you've found something useful in this.

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  1. Worst thing is when it's your job. This social media bull crap.

    1. a job is just a stop-gap way to build a career. Do work, don't do a job ;)

    2. a job is just a stop-gap way to build a career. Do work, don't do a job ;)