Feb 17, 2014

Just one of days in office.

Today, it's been exactly one month since my last working day. This time, one month ago, I was shaking the hand of the HR head and telling her that I never want to work again. 

I was pissed off. I cannot remember any time in the time that I worked my last job when I was not pissed off. It was always a rush to get to the office before the clock on the gate struck 9.55 AM. It was insane in so many ways, but when I was in the mix, I never realized how crazy it was. You cross the gate of the building by 9.55 AM, the guard notes down your entry and then you park your bike and rush to the lift and some asshole has called the lift to the basement. The lift reaches the ground fucking floor and another asshole gets in and presses the button for the first fucking floor. The same asshole has been waiting for a minute for the lift to arrive at the ground floor from the basement. 

You're too fucked, tired and sleep deprived to get pissed off about it. You get out of the lift on your floor and the floor peon gives you eyes as you enter the reception area of the office. You ignore that motherfucker because fuck him, that's why. There is a "bio-metric sensor" on the gate of the seating area, where cubicles are arranged like chicken pens. People are already sitting there and working. You manage to hit your thumb on the green piece of glass before 10 AM and the fucking machine says, "Print not registered, please press again" and you hit that shit again in anger and this time it registers. You think the machine does this just to piss you off, and it just might be true. 

You reach your seat and others are already there. Some are not. Boss' snitch takes a note of when you reached the floor and switched on the computer.

And that is just the beginning of the day.

Multiply it by six years and you'd be pissed off, too.

[More coming]

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