Nov 25, 2013

Every life is a series of horrible mistakes

Come on,  we all make mistakes. There is no escape from that. Right now as you read this, people are making horrible mistakes that will change the course of their life as well as the life of many others. 

That's the way the world works.  We live, we learn and there are times when we do not learn, so we pay for our mistakes.

People are often proud, which never helps. It only makes their faults and mistakes appear bigger and more difficult to correct.

Do you understand?

I've been busy in past week and my total spring output had been close to zero. That means for all the talk I do about nanowrimo, I might not be able to complete it this year. Many factors have contributed to this. Because that's the way life rolls. 

I've made myself immune to false hopes, so yeah, I guess I'll use my time for better things. Like?  I don't know.

I'll just sit here and vegitate.

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