Oct 25, 2013

on blogging

Why Do I Blog?

I've been blogging on different platforms for close to ten years and even after all this time, the need to say something, the desire to express, to learn, to do something new, it doesn't sit silent. Twitter dulled my blogging mojo for a while, but like a dead body floats to the surface of a pond, the same itch, the same bite to say something is back.

Why do I blog?

This blog was my primary source for writing stories, but I stopped doing that a while ago. I feel bad for stopping. So I'll start again sometime in the future. A lot of things bother me about the world we live in. Most of the times, I rant on twitter about all that is wrong in the world, but then there are other times when things need proper fleshing out, dressing down and complete analysis. A blog is just about perfect for those times.

There are times when you want to record something for future, for past, for remembrance, when you want to share something with the world, for now and for future. A blog is perfect for that.

Why do I blog?

I blog because I can, because I want to, and because I should.

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