Feb 15, 2012

The Crunch

She ripped the wrapper with her teeth and put the lollipop in her mouth. When she brought it out again, it was slick with saliva. 

Her tongue darted out and wrapped itself around the lollipop. 

The pack of men watching her from the other side of the glass partition held their collective breath.

She looked at them all, winked, and crunched the hard candy of the lollipop with her tongue. 

She threw the empty plastic stick at the glass and sat back in her chair.

And the frantic bidding for her started.

I was talking to @Monathais and we somehow talked about doing a 100 word story with the same keyword. I suggested lollipop. And here it is. Now go to her blog and read some of the awesome stories she has written. She is writing them daily, so you can read more! 


  1. As expected. Awesomely done. :D

  2. Both versions are interesting.. Knowing that they are "coming" from a man & a woman.. hmmm.. we get that -> MUCH MORE INTERESTING.. at least for me. Congratulations for the very special idea &looking forward to the next "lollipop"...

  3. Short yet so profoundly written. Excellent :)

  4. I really love this, you always leave us readers hanging for a little more.