Jan 14, 2012

This at 4.43 AM

Been some time.

I've been busy reading A Song of Ice and Fire books. I have no idea why I started those in the middle of November, just when I was struggling with my NaNoWriMo project (which I didn't finish, by the way). So, I am on book 5 right now, A Dance With Dragons. And I've read this one slowly. Because I know that once I finish this, I will also join the legions of fans who are waiting for the sixth book, Winds of Winter. But, what is started must be finished, so, I am looking at this weekend as the time when I will finish reading this book. I was very hesitant in picking up A Song Of Ice and Fire because of the same reasons that I am facing right now. I knew that I'd fall too deep down into it, I knew that my writing would suffer and I knew that I'd find it hard to wait for the next book.
In fact, I am still reeling at the scope GRRM has created and this can be the single most important work of the era of fiction writing. Because, I, for one, cannot fathom how anyone can top ASOIAF. 

Also, something happened in November last year. I discovered dubstep. I hated the genre earlier because I thought it'd be some off shoot of trance which is all mechanical with no soul. I didn't find any soul in dubstep either, but whatever the breaks and drops are in there are extremely sexy and delicious. My brain does a little barrel roll in my skull when I listen to the tasty mixes of dubstep artists whose name I don't care to remember or know about. I just know that it's a tune I like and my head likes it and that's good enough. Fuck the name of the song or the artist. Dubstep took a lot of my mental energy and the time I could've spent writing, I was reading and listening to dubstep. So that's another one.

And, one more thing, my job as a content monkey involved lot of writing, day in and day out. Normally, it's close to 1500-2000 words a day on the job, on topics that vary from anything to everything and beyond. Things I don't care about from my heart, but writing about them pays the bills, for my internet, my phone, my bike's oil and other unnecessary stuff. How do I put this in perspective. Let's say you love eating Lays Chips. So, I get you a job as a chips eater. You love it so much that you eat and eat and eat those chips and it's  the most awesome thing to have happened to you. But then you come home from office, after eating chips all day, and at home in dinner, you have Lays Chips again. How'd you feel? That's how I am feeling right now, but I am sure this is just a feeling. It will pass too.

Yeah, so that's about it mostly. Shitty excuses. These aside, my brain has not been at rest. I'm having this visions of forces colliding, like the shit in DragonBallZ. But instead of power levels or shit, there are swords and punches. It's really interesting once you think about that. But it's the image that's in my head all the time. Two swords clashing with each other. I do not know what it signifies, but I am willing to find out. If I do, I will tell you for sure.

For now, I'll just trudge along and get the blog back on line.

To the future then!

This is 5.05 AM


  1. Looks like 2012 will see me finally picking this much talked about book .. :D

  2. hey i read some of your works n yer good.if you get work the time can you criticize my in my blog

    i'l give you the link here neways.im commenting cuz i figure rather than emailing u cuz i bet u check this more often than your mails :D