Jan 14, 2011

Well Hello Then...this is the plan

Hello absent readers, considering this is the first post this year, Happy New Year to you.

Now, the plan for this year, 2011. Ever since the creation of this blog, there was no particular focus or a goal, i just wanted to write stories and make people read them by force or by any other means possible. And people have read. Now, after almost 5 years of this blog's existence, i am thinking of giving it a direction. There are going to be a lot of things, related to stories, creativity, challenges, and anything and everything i can lay my hands on.

1) I am going to experiment with different story structures.
2) I am going to release ebook compilation(s) of stories for free
3) I will hold a story competition with cash awards or charity, will figure that out when i reach that bridge.
4) There will definitely be a book that you can own.
5) I want to plan something for people who are doing anything creative, whether you're writing stories, making art, making music, or just doing something awesome. With this blog's reach I want creative people to find an audience. Because the audience is out there, but sometimes, creative people are not able to reach those YAYsayers. Let me be the link here. Why? I don't know, I just feel like doing this.
6) I am going to write occasional posts about the creative process, because there is a lot that goes behind the scenes and anyone who is doing something creative is just awesome in my book.

Right, so that's about it. These are just tentative points, and i do intend to follow them through. Rest, we have the year to see how much of it is done. :)

Take care out there. It's cold where I am, so stay warm where you are. And when you pick fights, take them to the finish!



  1. Inspirational stuff man. Perhaps I'll do something similar, but a lot lamer after my boards. You're great, keep writing.