Dec 28, 2009

The Case of Two Pills

The Matrix. It was the bald guy from Matrix movie.

What was his name? Sandman something.

He was always sleepy I guess. I couldn't see the hot babe with him. She was there in the movie right?

Then, this guy showed me his palms, just like the movie, there was a red pill and a blue pill on his palms.

Ah, i know what happens now!

"What will you choose?" he asked me, "the red pill or the blue pill?"

And at that moment I could not remember which pill Neo chose?

So, I ate them both. The bald dude shook his head and smacked his palm on his forehead.

The pills tasted funny.
No other movie gets as cool as Matrix. Seriously. That one was epicness redefined and nothing will ever be as cool as that.


  1. when i took that red pill i woke up in the bordello with a killer hangover and a tube of cheese in my pocket...


  2. oh i likd the matrix...rlly cool..i ddnt lik the thrd part though...too strchd out...n too cheesy