Dec 31, 2007

Happy New Year:)

All right If I start taking names I will never get out of this place alive. So I'll take the easy way out and sum my feelings up real quick.

A very Happy 2008 to all readers and non readers. This has been a wonderful 2007 in your company and writing stories has never been so much fun with great people like you reading and giving feedback. Feedback is a writer's Vodka, or Mountain Dew, or [ insert furl of your choice].

I wish all the best for you and your families, your pets and your machines in this coming year. May all be healthy and the machines work fine. We need this in these technological times.

May your muse be good to you and provide you inspiration all year long.

Cheers to You!

May God bless you and fuck up your enemies.


P.S-- this blog was created in December 2005 and these two years have been most fun. Thanks! :)


  1. miss you N. God bless you. have a lovely year ahead!
    keep up the excellent work on the blog.

  2. :-) Thanks.
    And Happy New Year to u too. :D

  3. hi man.. started reading ur blog after u commented on mine once.. Great stuff man. Keep it up :)

    and also - Happy New Year! :)


    May your muse be good to you too! xD

  5. Happy 2008 mate. Hope it's a good'n for you.

    You made any resolutions then? I have.

    I will no longer get pissed on any day with the letter 'z' in it...

  6. its great 2 see that your still going strong dude... unlike the rest of us who have pissed out.. we`ll here`s to that for new years...

    I still read you stuff.. and its damn fine